Vicky Park Rangers FC – Scholarship Scheme

Vicky Park Rangers FC will be running their Scholarship programme for the second season. The scheme was very successful in its first year and as a club we were able to offer 7 scholarships. The scheme was created to ensure that VPR continues to remain accessible to all girls who want to play and enjoy football and are committed to doing so at the club throughout the 2021/22 season and beyond. This has only been made possible through the fantastic support of the parents at the club and our club sponsor Foxtons.

Financial Scholarship Key Criteria

These scholarships are intended to be awarded to a player whose family would significantly benefit from financial support and potentially if this support was not available it is likely that the player would not be able to commit to the club for the whole season. VPR appreciates that this is a stressful time for many families and we therefore wanted to ensure that all players and their families feel supported and that the club continues to remain accessible to the whole community. * **

These scholarships are also intended to be awarded to a player who demonstrates great promise either in terms of their playing ability, their attitude and/or their commitment to the Club! **

Girls who are awarded a scholarship are expected to fully participate in and support club activities throughout the course of the season and set a great example whilst representing VPR.

Application Process

The application form is available below and the deadline to apply for a scholarship is Sunday 11th July 2021. All applications will be processed and the club committee will make a decision by Sunday 25th July 2020. All applicants will receive a response as to whether their application has been successful/unsuccessful.

This is not an onerous or invasive process. The form asks for a parent/guardian to provide a brief explanation as to why they need the financial support, why they want their daughter to be involved with VPR, what their daughters football aspirations are and how they can contribute to the Club. Parents and/or guardians will then be asked to confirm that due to their current financial circumstances their daughter is either not able to continue as a member of VPR; or is unlikely to be able to continue as a member of VPR for the whole of the season if they do not receive this financial support. *

Scholarship Level

The level of any award will be at the discretion of the Club. However, scholarships will usually be awarded for half a season (equivalent to £200). All players on a scholarship will be expected to show the highest level of commitment and contribution to the club which and this will be reviewed throughout the season.

VPR believes it is important to review the ongoing commitment and contribution of the scholarship players to ensure that the scholarships have been handed out appropriately.

Funding of the Scholarships

The club would like to say a massive thank you to the following parents for their contributions to the VPR Scholarship Scheme:

  • Ed Phillips

  • Nadine Pain

  • Anonymous parent

  • Sharon Horgan

  • Anonymous parent

Due to the financial support from our Club Sponsor Foxtons, we are also able to contribute £300 as a club towards the scheme for this season. Thank you to our club sponsor Foxtons and Ed Phillips for making this possible!

*Evidence of financial need will not be required. Any Financial Scholarship is based on trust between the club and the player and their family.

** New players can apply for the scholarship but priority will be given to those who are already part of the VPR family and have made a contribution to the Club.

Please click on the link below to access the registration form –